Can grants be used for anything? – Free Money To Start A Small Business

Yes. You can apply for the following:

Hunter encourages minority- and immigrant-owned small businesses ...
1. The first $500 of funds in your account each month for 2 years.

2. A 20% discount on the following monthly bills:

1 month rent: $85

1 month power: $100

Note: Your monthly utility bills will be reduced if your account grows to $1,000 in credit or more.

What’s the minimum loan amount on the accounts you want to be eligible for? A maximum loan amount for the first accounts at $1,000 of credit each.

How can I apply for credit? You can apply by filling out an application in person at your local Community Credit Service Centre, or by calling 905-542-7222. Note: In-person applications require an appointment.

What if I want to apply over the phone? You can speak to one of our Community Credit Service Centres 24/7 in either person or line and apply for as many accounts as you like.

Will I be registered to own the credit after I take out my loan? Yes. Your credit will be registered when you apply. After this time you will be notified when it is registered to you.

How do I stop being charged interest during the first year? When your credit is registered, you will get a monthly statement showing your total interest and fees charged for the month. You can view your summary by calling your local Community Credit Service Centre or visiting Click here.

Where can I find out more about my credit card? This information is available for all credit cards in Calgary. Look under Click here (opens in new window).

Can I apply for multiple accounts? After you have made your first loan, you can apply for up to five additional accounts through the same Community Credit Service Centre and the five accounts will all be available to be added by you during your initial application.

What happens if I leave my account open for more than one year? You can close your account and the interest will continue to accrue on them until you close them again. You will be required to pay it off annually.

How long will I be allowed to remain on the line? You may extend your account through the year in which you receive your interest waiver.

When will you pay off my account? No

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