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Getting government grants for a small business

Okay, I have some bad news and good news. The bad news is I haven’t been able to get to the good news in the way everyone wants to use a ‘good news’ card. I can’t have a good news card. The good news is that if I was to use a ‘good news’ card for anything it would be something as simple as saying the same words I said before, but better. For instance, using the same words that I did above I could say:

“He has the power of a demon! I have to take him out!”

One of the key points of criticism of the United States by many Western conservatives is that our military is outmatched, outgunned and has not developed the right policy in regard to international and national security. This is the focus of the recent book by former Republican Congressman and National Endowment for Democracy (NED) official Richard Painter, The Price of Loyalty: Privatizing America’s National Security.

In the book, Painter discusses, in great detail and with great depth, the failure of the Clinton Administration to pursue a credible military strategy; his belief that the U.S. had lost its way in the Middle East; and his belief that the Obama Administration has failed to establish the right military policy that has allowed Iran to advance in Syria and Iraq and undermine the legitimacy of the Arab Spring and that has allowed the United States in Afghanistan and Pakistan to become more interventionist. Painter, a former deputy chief of staff to the House Democratic Leader who became a visiting fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution, writes the book to rebut recent criticisms by prominent American conservatives about the United States’ military readiness. Painter also claims that the Obama Administration has done little, if any, to promote a national security strategy in regard to the use of force.

The book comes from an expert with extensive political experience and deep knowledge on this critical policy area and its potential impacts on the policy choices of the next U.S. President for the next decade. He has served on the State Department National Security Council staff under Presidents Clinton and Bush, was a deputy chief of staff under George W. Bush, and was a special adviser on national security under President Clinton, who was deeply disappointed during his last year in office with U.S. policy in the region, a factor he believes was reflected in the decline of U.S. military influence.


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