Can I get a grant to install gas central heating? – Government Grants For Small Business Scotland

A, yes.

Q, Can I get a grant to create a solar panel farm?

A, yes.

Q, Do I need to have this project installed in my property before it can be used for grants?

A, No, a project can be eligible for grant consideration whether it is in-fill material on the land within two years of delivery (or within two years from commencement of project) or within five years of the development of a commercial property on the land.

Q, What do you mean by the following statement in a grant proposal:

“the grant may be made for any of the following purposes: to encourage the development of renewable energy within the district; to promote the development and marketing of high quality electricity; to promote the marketing and sale of low power electric generators; to promote the development and sale of renewable energy generators using materials from that district”

A, I believe this statement provides that a grant to a renewable energy project will be a grant with one of the six grant options listed below:

An individual, corporation, partnership or other entity which builds, develops, sells or leases the project;

An individual or organization which offers funds for construction of the project and supplies the material used in the project;

An individual or entity which offers money for sale and uses the money to encourage the sale or deployment of the project;

An organization which develops, finances and manages the project;

A municipal corporation;

A public utility corporation;

A cooperative; or,

A community initiative.

The following grant options can be offered in a grant proposal for a project on a non-farm property within 2 years of the grant proposal being placed in writing:

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A commercial applicant which offers funds to help develop a renewable energy project by acquiring the property, building the project and supplying the building materials, or

A community initiative which offers funds for a project proposed by a non-profit community organization.

Q, Does this mean that a project cannot be accepted for a grant consideration if it has already received, or is expected to receive, a financial aid?

A, No. A financial aid can be offered after the grant is awarded.

Q, I have a proposal to do this on my non-farm property. Are the following grant options available to be used in the grant application:

A corporate applicant which offers funds to buy a property before the grant period begins and

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