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If he can keep some of the money, as he hopes, he will be able to start work. But as he gets to know people and build trust in their local community, he will realise that it probably won’t be long before they get to know him.

As a former teacher, I too can look forward to that. I hope it will help him build a relationship and a rapport with both the local community and the school board. I’m looking forward to seeing where his career goes from here.

In this episode, we discuss the most recently published article by David Allen, the former dean of the NYU School of Law.

This article provides a framework for evaluating the legality and accuracy of the evidence that the government relies on when it seeks to convince a jury, and it raises serious questions about what the government has been doing since 9/11.

In addition, the article raises more questions than they answer, for two separate sets of reasons. First, the evidence used by the government is very old and poorly understood. Second, even if this evidence was reliable and accurate, that does not mean the government could use it as evidence. In a trial like this one, the government will be trying, not just its case against its accusers.

It is worth looking at the evidence Allen cites, in one of my favorite podcasts, Legal Insurrection.

The book that inspired the article is David Ray Griffin’s excellent book, The Real Terror, where he takes apart the 9/11 case against al-Qaeda. A few thoughts on that topic:

On the question of whether the 9/11 attacks were terrorism:

In the government’s own words:

On the question of whether the 9/11 attacks were a threat to the United States:

On the evidence:

On the judge’s order granting this new trial:

About the podcast:

This podcast is about a lot of subjects, but for this one, I wanted to talk about the one thing that really, really bugged me.

David Allen, the former dean of the NYU School of Law, who is now a professor of law at George Mason University, recently published an article defending his controversial conclusions in his controversial book The Real Terror.

David Allen, whose article, with co-author Jonathan Turley, argued that the 9/11 case against Osama bin Laden was based on unreliable evidence, and that there was indeed no real evidence that bin Laden was present in New York

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