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Do you have to get approved for a Grant to get one?

Yes, you do need a Grant to install a new boiler. The Grants are available through the Department of Social Protection, with a grant application made on the Social Security website after a person passes the age of 59. You must make certain financial arrangements with Social Security before applying for a grant (see the DSP section for details on how to do this). The grant has to be paid before a person becomes eligible for a pension. Once a person has reached 67, the amount of the grant will be cut back, and the person will not get a pension.

Do you have to use a Grant to install a new boiler?

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Yes, you have to use a Grant to install a new boiler. Some people who are on Social Security or the DSP for over 67 can’t claim back the grant, unless they qualify – see below. The money paid to install a boiler is included in your annual pension: it is a pension asset, and no claim will have to be made for it if you do qualify for the grant.

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Do you need a Grant to install a new boiler?

If you’re 65 and above, you may be able to apply for one grant to pay for a new boiler without having to go through application for another Grant. If you’re under 65 and still on the old Scheme, you may be entitled to one grant, to be paid in three instalments. You need an application for this grant on the DSP website and will need to provide a payment record to prove the amount.

Do you have to have a Grant to install a new boiler?

No. All you have to do is have a payment record that proves you are eligible to benefit for the full one year you’re eligible to claim for the new boiler – see the DSP section for more information, including how exactly to fill out the form.

If you want a non-cash Grant in order to pay for a new boiler, you need to apply for a Grant to install a new boiler. It can’t be paid back with a payment record, and requires you to have a payment record. It’s a Grant.

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