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The answer would be no, because, in order to be considered for the UK, a person can obtain a British driving licence. This is not restricted to Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland. However, for many people going to or living in the UK these are their only two ways of getting a UK driving licence.

What is a non-EU car owner?

Non-EU cars are only allowed to have UK licence plates until they become a UK resident. They lose their UK licence plates when they reach 30 years of age. Non-EU cars cannot be registered on UK roads until they reach 18.

Non-EU cars do not have to meet new EU criteria for fuel efficiency.

When are car loans covered by NI welfare?

NI welfare benefits are only available to current resident NI customers. All current non-UK residents are ineligible to work or claim NI benefits.

How do I move to the UK from Northern Ireland?

If you want to go to the UK you need UK nationality. This is not available as part of your NI benefits.

If you were born in Northern Ireland or Scotland to parents with British nationality you do not automatically have to obtain the right to British nationality. To become British, you may need to be registered for a British passport.

The UK can’t refuse to allow you to leave NI even if you are in another part of the UK. If you have been born to a UK citizen couple but in a different part of the UK, your application for naturalisation will be denied.

You will not be able to enter Northern Ireland unless the UK government decides that you can leave the UK. This may be possible under the Good Friday agreement on the island.

A UK national can visit Northern Ireland and then bring their passport to the UK. However, they can’t do anything to change where they live in the UK.

You may be able to stay in Northern Ireland once you have a UK passport. However, this may limit your right to work outside of Northern Ireland.

What are the rules for staying in the UK when you are not a Briton?

The rules are very different for an Irish citizen residing in the UK, British citizen resident in the UK or a British resident in Northern Ireland as the result of NI birth or NI acquisition.

This is because the NI rules are different and depend on where you are born and the situation with which you ended up in the UK.
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