Can you get a free boiler on universal credit? – Government Small Business Start Up Grants

A friend of mine told me that you can do a thing with your universal credit payments that no-one ever thought of, which is get a free boiler, where you buy one of the top-of-the-range furnaces you’ll need, or a generator with a load for your generator, and pay for it by paying your mortgage.

I was shocked – how can you get a free boiler without having a credit card and even less money than you usually do?

When you think about it, getting a free boiler is a very good deal. The top furnaces are very expensive. So you can save money getting a boiler for free.

Can you get a free stove for free?

So, on universal credit payments, some people have a benefit where they get a free stove. I did not think it would happen so quickly, but I have not been left out of it myself. Now when a person is applying for universal credit, even if they have no credit limit they get a free fireplace or oven – whatever their furnace needs. It’s fantastic.

I can’t get one in the UK – do you know any UK providers? Which ones are good?

I can’t recommend anyone because I haven’t been asked to sign up yet for them. But if you have a good boiler, you are likely to be able to find it cheaper using a UK provider than in the UK.
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So can a free boiler ever be offered as part of a universal credit offer?

It is a great value offer to do a deal on something that you really don’t need on universal credit, and then pay for it afterwards.

Can you find a free boiler online?

I have searched the internet for a few years to find people who do free boiler deals. Most of them come from outside the UK, but I still have results coming in from the UK.

How much are universal credits worth in the UK?

A basic payment is £110 but you can get more for it.

Are universal Credits worth a lot of money in the UK?

It depends – I do not know for sure. But I do know that it is not available to anybody outside the UK, apart from those on universal credit.

Does a free boiler in the UK cost anything?

There is a £100 cap and a £50 maximum. You’re only able to get one in the UK at any one time.


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