Can you get a grant to start up your own business? – Australian Government Guaranteed Loans For Small Business

A friend of mine made an incredible video about why people get a grant to start their own business. How does your business fare after you get the grant?

The thing of it all is, it doesn’t matter to me if others make more money off you when you have a grant, as long as you make enough money to start your own business.

What if more people give a grant, or a lottery?

You might have heard of the Power to the People grant where every American who’s younger than 50 can apply and get $10,000 to start their own business. This is all well and good. It’s important not to let the grant money rule you. I’m not saying don’t apply.

But if you try to play the lottery or apply for a grant as a way to get yourself to get a job, like I did, you’re just going to make it more challenging for yourself to succeed.

How do you find the time to create your own projects?

Once you get going to build an idea into a business you’ll realize there are a lot of ideas you never think of. A great way to build off those ideas is to just follow a handful of great, successful ideas and follow along with them.

These might be blogs we have here at The Entrepreneur, other people’s business ideas, stories from readers of our blog. When you see something that intrigues you, check it out immediately!

I personally would follow up on any idea that sparks my eye. It might take me months to see if the idea will work or just find something out that makes sense for our business.

Are there any other great tips you’ve got for starting your own business from The Great Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting Your Own Business? Please share!



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