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No. The U-Pass program is designed for low-income seniors who cannot afford to buy a car.

What is the maximum annual cost for the U-Pass in Maryland? The maximum annual cost is $10 per person ($5 or $10 if purchasing a non-resident license, and $5 for Maryland residents).

My seniors want to drive to work or school; can I get the pass? Yes. It is possible for seniors to receive the U-Pass, even with a low income. The program provides a low-cost way to get to or from work or to get to school. You may be able to get the U-Pass in a few scenarios: You are an eligible senior and have earned high income;

You are the owner of an older vehicle and you have a U-Pass.

You are a child or a disabled veteran and you have the U-Pass.

You are working in Maryland and you have a U-Pass. Note: The U-Pass is not valid for travel to the Bahamas or Virgin Islands.

What are my rights with the U-Pass? You have the rights outlined in state laws if you wish to receive the U-Pass. However, if you are a family member of a person who received the U-Pass you have the right to request a refund from the U-Pass card issuer of the U-Pass. This request must be made within 15 days of receiving the U-Pass, before a new U-Pass was issued. To request a refund from the U-Pass card issuer, contact the U-Pass account staff at 652-637-9123. Note : The U-Pass card issuer cannot issue a refund if the U-Pass is for a non-U.S. resident, if the recipient was issued a U-Pass in an international format, or if the U-Pass was not issued in Maryland. A refund from the U-Pass issuer cannot be made if the U-Pass is for a person who is disabled or a dependent of the person who received the U-Pass. To request a refund for a U-Pass that was issued to a person in the wrong category, call 652-637-9123 for more information. In addition, you have the right to a copy of your completed U-Pass card receipt showing your address and the name of the person who issued the U-Pass. To request a copy of your U-Pass card receipt, contact the

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