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For more information, visit the Free Laundry FAQ.

Can I pay rent after I move out?

Yes, but your landlord will also charge for cleaning, storing and other related equipment.

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The University of Alberta is launching a new program this fall called the Global Leadership and Diversity Council.

The council will be charged with investigating the causes of racism at the school and identifying “inclusive, effective” solutions, according to the school’s news release.

“The university is committed to engaging with students on a range of issues, both on campus and abroad. We are also seeking the best and brightest minds in disciplines like science, design, technology, economics and engineering,” the release states.

The council will focus on race, ethnicity, gender (including gender issues), immigration and gender identity, the release adds.

The group will also look at how Canadian culture is being negatively impacted by other cultures.

The Alberta Legislature, which hosted a special session to discuss racism on campus, is expected to vote in November on whether to extend the legislative privilege to students.

The legislature will also debate adding race and ethnicity to the human rights code.

As well, Bill 26 in the Alberta Human Rights Commission, which allows people to seek redress for the “invalidation or discrimination” due to race, color, descent or national origin, could be amended to include racial or ethnic origin.

I was sitting in my room and wondering if my Santa would send one of these in the post if it wasn’t coming via mail. In the interest of avoiding spoilers I won’t be giving any other details.

I opened this envelope to find two beautifully wrapped gifts. The first one contained a nice gift wrapped card! It seems to be a pretty easy thing to open that makes me smile every time. Inside that was a set of all of them! I immediately went for the cards. A big thank you goes out to Amazon for supplying me with a fantastic price too!

The next one was much more exciting to me – and really just a plain white envelope with the title “You Got This”. I have absolutely no idea what this could be about. I immediately unwrapped it to find a note (very nice handwritten by my Santa) informing

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