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What does that cost? —@chrisnathan2

And that was before a reporter asked how long that would possibly be.

And no one on the floor at the hearing thought it was worth it! —@C_M_B_H

On Monday, the House approved the final version of a spending bill that includes a $54 million payment from the federal government to the state, making it the largest contribution ever.

The House also approved a $1 billion emergency fund intended for Puerto Rico, including $500 million earmarked for the island under a law signed by Gov. Ricardo Rosselló in April.

This story has been updated to add comment from House Speaker Paul Ryan.

The man from New York who stole $12 million from two UBS banks in a four-month period says he acted in his client’s best interests.

A man has been arrested.

Mohanlal Ravi was arrested on charges of identity theft and conspiracy to commit bank fraud for allegedly using fake IDs.


Prosecutors say he used three of the fake IDs to make hundreds of purchases during several months. He also used a fake Social Security number and the name of a family friend, who then helped him open the UBS bank accounts.

Ravi worked for UBS for about 10 years, according to the bank.

He is scheduled to go on trial in Brooklyn Supreme Court on August 14.

He is being held on $600,000 bond.


“When I did the show I was really excited but not sure. I didn’t want to tell people,” she said. “I felt like if I would have told you I wasn’t going to come back I would have been a selfish and embarrassing person.”


A few people said that this is one of the most amazing things I have written. I don’t consider myself a wealth enthusiast, but I found myself at the height of it and never took a moment to stop thinking about where I would be in 10 or 20 years. I got very discouraged and did not find a job while my kids were in school. I am still in college, working towards being in a good position to do what I love. When I was working I felt like the only guy on the street who knew how to sell and help others but now I have more of the tools and know exactly where to find the people who need our help. It was a journey of

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