Do you have to pay back grant? – Us Government Grants For Women Over 50

No, we are not required to pay back grant. It is not mandatory to pay back grant but we are not allowed to use grant for the same purpose again for the same amount if any amount is required.

Can you use funds for other purpose (e.g. to support your personal expenses while in BHU)?

Yes, we are also not required to use funds for other purposes at BHU.

Can you work in your spare time and receive stipend, but not any stipend in the form of grants, loans or other means?

Yes, you have the possibility to work while working at BHU and receive any income, but it is not mandatory to work. Please do not forget to report work, even if you are not required to work.

How do you define your salary at BHU?

When I am working on BHU you have to be a permanent employee of the institution (if the institution is not the same as your school), it’s not necessary to wait for your leave time to do work, otherwise you have to check your pay details.

How do you differentiate between permanent and temporary jobs?

You have to check with your employer when you start your work for BHU. Temporary workers are not allowed to work as permanent employees and therefore BHU cannot give this privilege to you. You need to be a permanent employee of the institution and not a temporary worker.

Your pay details are required to be received from you during work hours. You can be charged with working during shift hours as well. You can also be charged with having a bad shift because you are not given any break, if you are only working during the work hours of 1:00 PM to 11:00 PM (8 hours a day). The difference between this and non-working shift hours is 5% of pay.
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You have to check your pay details at BHU and they can only be used to work during the official work hours. Once you leave for a work shift you are not required to keep your pay details at the BHU.

Your employer is not required to use your pay details but it is your responsibility to use these funds in your own way.

How can I be given job after a year of training?

You have to check your pay details at BHU, otherwise it is not possible for you to be taken for consideration. Please do not forget to report work

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