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The UN is no longer the United Nations: It is the United Nations. But its grants are based on the United Nations Charter that is being signed in Washington, D.C., this week.

That does not mean the UN is going to grant an entire building near the new U.N. headquarters in Manhattan, for instance. The UN does not have to do that at this time. It is up to the people who have signed the Charter to decide how they want to live their lives today.

The UN is also no longer the United Nations as far as the United State is concerned.

We are in a unique time in U.S.-UN relations. The UN Charter can be amended by a vote of the United Nations General Assembly or by a vote of the General Assembly-mandated Security Council. This process was triggered by the fall of the Soviet Union and the collapse of the Soviet block, as well as the end of the Cold War, and the creation of the UN. In response to that experience, the General Assembly amended its Charter to allow for the UN to be replaced by the United Nations by virtue of an effective vote of the entire UN General Assembly.

The Security Council has the ability over all UN activities and activities involving the United Nations to suspend, for a period of time that is not to exceed sixty-five consecutive days, UN involvement in particular UN activity. This has been done before by an overwhelming majority of Security Council members.

When the UN is called upon to exercise its ability to suspend activities it does so with great deliberation. The Charter gives the Security Council a wide variety of tools to do so as long as they determine that such action is necessary for the protection and security of the United Nations system in the United States. The charter gives the Security Council a wide range of tools with which it can suspend activities with the full concurrences of the United States and the United Nations general council.

So the United States has been working with many other nations to reestablish a United Nations whose legitimacy is based both on the constitutionality of existing treaties and the legitimacy of its charter.

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