How can I get free money for college? – Canadian Government Grants For Persons With Disabilities

You can’t. If college is your only goal, you’ll find that paying tuition and fees might actually hurt your degree chances.

If you attend a private school, look for an off-campus, low-cost scholarship to help with the costs of tuition.

Or even better, enroll into a university. Not only does it help with the cost, but you’ll also have a lot more support for your education from your professors (which can lead to an increase in your job prospects).

A few things to consider:

Some colleges and universities actually offer financial aid to students to help them pay for college. But don’t bother applying; they’ll call it “collegiate enrollment fees,” and you’ll be asked to pay the fee even if you don’t actually need it.

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The best financial aid awards are from the Department of Education. You should be able to get $4,500 in a one-time loan with the aid.

For more on college costs, check out our guide: How Much Do You Need to Pay for College?

Is college worth it?

If you have a plan to go to college, and a reasonable amount of money, why not go?

In our next guide, we’ll explore college funding strategies that lead to higher incomes, but for now we just want to say that the majority of students who go to college end up making more money than they did before they went.

If you know you can afford to buy a house, buy a car and have kids, and you’re willing to put in the time to learn a lot, then go for it! But try to get to a school that can match your expectations.

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