How do I apply for a free boiler grant? – Government Grants For Dental Implants For Seniors

There are lots of ways in which you can apply for a free boiler grant: a) apply here, b) email us directly: c) email the UK Government directly: d) apply for a direct grant: we use it to support local initiatives within your community. e) if you can’t use one of the above methods, make contact on our #boilergrant IRC channel on freenode.

Whats new with the grant?
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Our new and improved boiler grant tool is now available! It will take a few minutes to download, but is very powerful and is now more comprehensive than ever!

Can I apply for a free boiler grant even if my school does not have the money to help you?

Many schools and non-profits do have funding, or support that they can offer, so we would love to support you if you have an interesting project, but want your money anonymously.

In this way, all funding is completely anonymous, so it cannot be tied back to any particular institution. It will be used to help get local initiatives going, such as schools taking on a new curriculum, local authorities adopting new planning laws, councils providing new services, and so on.

How do I apply for a free boiler grant?

Here’s a list of the places we are currently assisting:

What if I don’t feel I have any idea how to start my own project or organisation?

If you’d like a boiler grant in return for your work, please email us on #boilergrant at Include details about what you want us to help with, and whether it is something that you are already doing and would love someone to fund and support.

How is the money used?

Your money is held in an escrow account to prevent it being spent without you knowing.

You must be a UK adult 18-30 to apply for the grant.

What do I do with the money?

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