How do I apply for a free boiler grant? – Government Grants For Small Businesses Start Up

First, complete the form on the Application for an HMO Subsidy Program. Include your employer information, your employment status (in which you are employed), the benefits you have received and the benefits you would like to receive in the first year of the program.

Include your employer contact information, as well as your benefits amount for the year (if any), so that the province, province-wide and local health regions can contact you to let you know if funds are available to you.

If you are applying to become an HMO subsidy recipient, send us a letter to:

Public Health Operations and Procurement

Provincial Health Transfer
Alberta Innovates Canadian Business Grants for Product Demo

8-1 Westburn Avenue

Hamilton, ON L4N 5G8

If you are applying to become an HMO non-recipient, send us a letter to:

Public Health Operations and Procurement

Division of Financial Management

4-2 Westburn Avenue

Hamilton, ON L4N 3R6 In either case, we will also send you an acknowledgement of receipt.

Do I need to apply for a grant immediately after I become unemployed?

The grant is for one year, and the province’s payment begins immediately. However, we cannot make a payment to someone who is working in unemployment, so people who are unemployed for one year or who are working part-time for a short period will get their grant. Our priority is to help people who are receiving help.

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