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In some cases, you just can’t. The federal government doesn’t lend, and it doesn’t take deposits. What it does is issue bonds, or government-issued preferred stock. The government uses the cash to keep its spending out of politics, and make sure the deficit doesn’t exceed certain thresholds. The amount allocated for that purpose is the Federal Reserve’s policy rate. Most interest rates in the United States are already at or near record lows. What is the rate? The interest is just one of the factors affecting the price of bonds, and the federal government’s monetary policy. To read more about the federal government’s policies toward inflation, please read FED-SPLASHED. In addition, there are several more monetary matters to consider. If that weren’t enough, in addition to the interest, which I know to be the subject of controversy, the government also has a policy to bail out banks whenever they get into trouble. As you can imagine, this policy is quite unpopular, with polls showing that a whopping 70% of the population doesn’t support the policy. (The poll numbers are similar for private creditors, who are also strongly opposed to it). It would be nice to see the federal government actually pay interest on the dollars it borrows. I think we can all agree that it should. As far as the government’s monetary policy goes, it may, without being too particular, claim that it seeks to create more money than it needs, keeping the interest rate it pays on those dollars at a relatively low level. For more information, read FED-MOMENTUM.


For those of you not up on what exactly “free agency” means, read this:
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It doesn’t stop at just $2 per day, but it’s always $2 per day for an individual and $4 per day for a team. Also, the only way to truly get out of paying those fees is to sign with another team and to stay for a year if you are able. As for whether or not we should sign a 5 year contract with the same team for $80 million per year, that’s still quite up in the air, and would mean another $10 million in player retirement funds, assuming you stay long term.


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