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Grant writing is a very complex and demanding process. We understand this to be the case, and want to be able to provide you with the professional and personal support you need to ensure your grant is a success. In fact, we aim to deliver the best, most efficient service possible and will make every effort to assist you with your mission. Our grant writer team is ready to assist in any way that can be of assistance, such as developing an idea, finding a potential target, and securing funds for the grant. When developing a proposal for a grant, we will also discuss with you all the requirements of the grant and the objectives of the grant, and help as well if you would like.

How do I prepare a grant?

Grant preparation guidelines from the European Parliament are available here. These are very useful reference points that can help to ensure you deliver a good award package to the EU. We also have specific guidance for individual projects to ensure you can make use of your grant, such as a document with our specific reference number.

What kind of guidelines should be used?
Grants model

We are happy to provide specific guidelines for your individual project. Here are a few of our guideline points for specific projects:

Include full and clear description of the idea, project concept and the scope of the project. Ideally, it should be a description of the project and a justification for the funding.

Provide a clear description of the intended use of the grant, which may include specific examples.

Make it clear which documents and information you will need to provide.

Provide a clear, clear description of the target group of potential recipients (such as age, country of origin etc).

Provide a clear, clear description of the types of support to be provided (such as cash or research equipment).

Provide the name of the institution which the project supports – if it is a foundation, think about whether it is based in an EU member state or not.

If the project is for science, include appropriate references as well as links to relevant journals, such as peer reviewed Nature etc.

To provide full funding details, we strongly recommend that you have a working document (doc) containing all the relevant information on the project and the target group. You should make this as brief and as easy to follow as possible. Please send this to We’ll then discuss your grant proposal with you if it is acceptable for them

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