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We want you to build, explore, and create. We think that’s the best way to build and maintain the world we are all going to love.

What are the grants you need?

As stated above, our grants can generally be written as a series of tasks to complete. We’re very flexible with the task list we offer and we may even have an open house right before a grant writing session.

You can use our handy template to figure out what your grants might need to be. Also, feel free to send us a personal email to find out about our next event.

What will I receive?

After you receive our grants, you’ll automatically get the link to our guide to writing grants that you sent us. Or, you can take our survey.

There is a small fee for participating in our survey too.

How does it work?

You need at least a 2 (or more) hour time slot to read the guide. The guide consists of 2 parts – a “first-look tip” section, and some brief descriptions of tasks you’ll be writing about.

You will receive a small printout of the guide with an opportunity to suggest additional tasks to complete to further enhance your writing skills. The first part will cover a few key topics that will be useful to you.

After reading you will have the opportunity to complete additional tasks that may enrich the content of Part 2.

How do I submit my grants?

You can submit your grant via this template here:

Please note: Your grant must be at least 5 to 6 pages long and be sent to a gmail box at via snail (in the subject section) or pst to (at the very least) the gmail address above

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