How do you qualify for a business grant? – Government Grants 2020

To qualify for a business grant, both of your business needs must be met. The business grant will be only for the following:

Expenses you incur for the business (such as salaries, marketing or advertising).

Expenses that are not related to the business, such as interest on loan or mortgage.

Eligibility requirements

The following criteria will determine what your business need, as determined by the Canada Revenue Agency, is:

A minimum annual income and

The amount of money needed for the business.

If you and your spouse (or any of your children) do not qualify, your personal income tax return will be required to demonstrate your eligibility.

Who qualifies?

The eligible applicant is anyone who:

Is employed and does not have a spouse who has a job.

Is currently seeking a business grant (not using business funds or assets) .

. Is seeking a business grant for at least one year.

For details, see the following for-profit organizations and charities:

To find out more about your legal obligation to report income and expenses to the Canada Revenue Agency, use the Business Grant Application form.

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