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It depends. An initial investment is usually in the hundreds or thousands of dollars; a second, or even third, round is generally hundreds of thousands of dollars, and a big deal is around a million dollars.

What are the criteria that your project must satisfy?

First, your proposal should support the goals of the grant proposal process. We expect that your proposed project should not contradict the goals of the grant proposal process. Your proposal should not require additional funding if the grant proposal process does not satisfy the needs of your proposed project. We might decide to grant your initial effort, for instance, for a different reason than you were seeking funding – so we will contact you to discuss your funding needs and your criteria.

Second, your project must demonstrate that it can be realized in a cost-effective manner in light of the current resources.

Third, your proposal must provide an appropriate estimate. We expect that your estimates will be within the range of the cost estimates from the projects you currently have in our database.

What are the potential grant-quality problems?

For each grant proposal, we assess its suitability for grant financing before you submit yours. These could include:

The funding requirement is not feasible over budget and without significant additional cost.

The funding gap in the proposal is more than one half of the total requested amount.

The request for funds is not in proportion to the actual cost of the project.

The project is more than two years past its original conception, and therefore no longer needs the grant.

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What if the grant proposal project does not satisfy the criteria?

To receive funding, the project must fulfill the grant criteria. If your project doesn’t meet the grant criteria, we may use other criteria, such as its expected effectiveness, financial resources, and public benefits. In this case, we would consider it “low priority” or “not likely.” Our mission is to support projects with financial resources that support the mission of STEM education. These projects include:

Education, training, and career support (ES&T)

Health and science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) related industries

Other science and science-related enterprises

We also may consider the project if we find that:

You propose to use the funds to meet a specific need – typically, to support an immediate problem for students or staff, or to address a major educational or economic problem of local significance.

You propose to use

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