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The process of generating a grant application is quite straightforward. The process of preparing and submitting a grant application is detailed and involves multiple steps. At this point it is also a good opportunity to clarify the purpose of the work and the budget behind it. It is better to understand the purpose of the work as this will be the main contribution you make later on in the review process. In general, we are looking for something like:

· A detailed description of the proposed project, including a description of the primary target audience and project scope. An outline of the proposed activities and funding approach is also helpful.

· A detailed review of the proposal and its potential impacts. A review section will take a while, as it involves a number of documents. An initial review of the proposal will also be required.

· Additional information on external references, including a description of relevant references, who authored the paper relevant to the project and who will be evaluating the project. Reference letters may also be required.

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· How the project will develop.

· How the research impacts could be best met. For example, the paper could describe ways that different approaches for managing the environment affect other countries in a way similar to that of the UK. The paper may also need to investigate how the research might have impact in other countries. The project may also need to be adapted to suit different conditions in various cities, as it may be necessary to move to urban environments in different places throughout all of the countries. An overview of the proposed areas and research needs will also need to be prepared.

These factors will be essential for the research team and may even be a requirement for funding for a particular project. For example a high profile study in London and a large scale study in a remote place in the tropics may be both challenging to fund in different ways, but would not be viable under different circumstances either.

As well as these detailed requirements, other things to be considered are:

· The project should be sufficiently detailed (for example to include data, a description of the field experiment, a short summary of results, and a project plan).

· The research should be relevant, preferably with a focus on particular areas of the world.

· The funding opportunity should only be available through external resources. If the funding opportunity comes through a public grant the project needs to be very specific about what is expected of the researchers and about how and where that data could be collected.

· The project, or a part

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