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Government grants to individuals and businesses are called “asset” grants. There are six types of asset grants.

1. Tax-Exempt

For tax-exempt organizations, government grants include:

Federal and State sales and use taxes,

Property taxes, and

Estate tax exemption.

2. Nonprofit

Nonprofit organizations that are exempt from Federal income taxes include:

Religious and charitable organizations,

Charities and other charitable organizations.

3. Corporation

Corporation grants are limited to the corporations that receive funds from the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2014 (NDAA for FY 2014). These grants can include:

Government contracts,

Government grants, and

Government-sponsored research and development services.

4. Government research and development expenditures

Government-sponsored research and development spending may include:

R&D funding,

R&D grants,

Government contracts, and

Government-sponsored research and development services.

The number of grants or contracts that may be included is limited. For example, the size of the budget for a given fiscal year is limited. Also, funding must be appropriated. This is true for grants, contracts, and other forms of government-sponsored research and development. It cannot be done outside the budget.

5. Nonprofit foundation

Nonprofit foundations may be used to fund programs of the agency in which the foundation is a member, or to provide support to nonprofits.

6. Government research and development expenditures

Government spending on research and development can include the development, procurement, or deployment of equipment and equipment-related activities. For example, the amount of government-sponsored research and development expenses is limited by the size of the military budget.

Federal grants

As defined in 10 U.S.C. 1302(a)(5), grants include “money and other property received or made available by a department, agency or instrumentality of this country or any political subdivision thereof.”

In order to be eligible as a grant recipient, a federal agency must have an official budget for the grant. When the agency does not have specific appropriations, the Secretary of the Interior or another agency must make appropriations.

As a general rule, federal grants include:

The amount of a specific grant,

The amount of a specific grant in a fiscal year,

The number of the grant and

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