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Or something new in the plan? If you’re willing to make this call, you’ll be in good company. As a general rule of thumb, people who want these type of systems need more than the $100k/year to pay for a new boiler. If you look around your school and see that you can still buy boiler and accessories for less than $100k, it becomes much easier to be a part of this project. If your school has a current list of boiler needs and can be convinced that some of the parts are already available, give them a call and give them a link to your boiler.

Why are the new boiler kits not required? For one thing, it’s not an expensive item to buy yourself, so school administrators have less motivation to pay for a new boiler, or to require the replacement of an existing boiler. However, boiler makers are making their mark on the industry now. For one thing, you do not have to go through the long and expensive process of installing an additional boiler as the old one has already been replaced. For another, there is less incentive for school administrators to give the schools a boiler that may not even work as well as the old one. It is much, much cheaper to install the new boiler, and to replace it a few years down the line, than to purchase one that will last the duration of the school year…especially if the schools are already building multiple, different, and new boilers. For a further example, you do not have to deal with the hassle of having all of the different units put together and have them ready when you move classrooms – or make sure that heating is properly set up during the move. This is not always the case, though. Sometimes, when a new unit is being put together, it is already installed in a classroom, but the old boiler must be re-installed in the old room – or moved to another location around your school. You may have several students in a particular unit, and not all will need it. If you have several students in the same unit, you may not even want to switch out your boiler, if the new unit simply does not fit.
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Please note that all information on boiler kits, including the price of components and a breakdown of parts is current when submitted. If you cannot find the information at your school, we strongly recommend contacting a school boiler supply company to make an informed purchase decision about the boiler kit or boiler components or accessories. Even though our current prices should be accurate, we do not

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