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The following is an excerpt from “The Politics of Reality,” a book published in 1996 to coincide with the first year of George H.W. Bush’s administration.

A month or two later, the President met with senior Pentagon officials to plan the next stage of his plan to fight Saddam Hussein.

After the meeting the President made an urgent plea to the Pentagon chiefs for an increase in American air power during the coming week. With that warning, the Pentagon brass realized that the President wasn’t bluffing. They told him that, because the U.S. had made no effort to prepare for the possibility of Saddam Hussein’s invasion, they would be forced to cut air strikes against Iraq by 30 percent. The President listened politely and responded quickly, “That can’t be done. What you have to do is get more weapons of mass destruction. There’s no end.”

With that determination to win a war that didn’t exist, the Pentagon chiefs were determined to use American power as they had in previous conflicts. Although the President was concerned about losing ground in Iraq and being forced to accept a limited U.S. role, the Pentagon was eager to keep Saddam in power and convinced that his weapons of mass destruction would make Iraq more powerful than the U.S. could handle.

Pentagon officials had been waiting to build a case against Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction since the time of the first Gulf War when they had uncovered a cache that might be considered a “weapons of mass destruction.” They didn’t hesitate to tell the White House that Saddam had no credible WMD program but that he had the ability to reconstitute it. He had recently installed a nuclear reactor and was developing a long-range missile with which he could strike the United States. The Iraqis probably would not take down a large chunk of the international economy through this threat; they would instead turn nuclear weapons into a source of revenue by producing them themselves.

Accordingly, the Pentagon prepared a set of military assessments prepared for the President to consider during a series of secret meetings. They considered the possibility of Saddam Hussein being able to reconstitute the weapons of mass destruction as well as the likelihood that Iraq might

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