Is USA Grants legit? – Government Grants For First Time Home Buyers

The question of whether USA Grants is legit is not new to USA-Gate readers. In fact, in response to the original question we asked, “Is USA Grants legitimate?” we received many, many positive answers from people who were familiar with the organization and who were interested in knowing what the company’s objective was. We took a look at it, learned about its history, and concluded that it’s possible to be legitimate.

A lot of these things are not very hard to find.

USA-Gate is funded by a lot of different companies. Some of the companies have their own websites; others don’t. The websites for some of the other companies also look like they should be legit, but are not. For example: USA-Gate is funded by the State Of Hawaii, one of several state governments that are not only involved in the grant process, but are engaged in it as well. The USA-Gate website contains pictures of other state agencies and officials showing up to the grants, and the website of one of the grant recipients says that it is “part of the USA Global Impact Program, which is a US Government funded initiative to reduce global poverty and facilitate the development of a sustainable world.” But there are a number of other sites that use very similar fonts, photos, and logos.
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USA-Gate’s website. Notice how confusing it is to find a link.

How does USA-Gate determine if it has a legitimate grant request?

The first step in the process is to check the grant status on USA-Gate’s website, which has information about some grants that are approved and others that are not. It then determines whether a grant is eligible through the grants page itself, whether a grant is legitimate, or whether it is approved. Then, the funds from the grant are transferred into the bank account of all the grant applicants. From USA-gate’s website on January 28th 2013:

It can be tricky to figure out a grant’s status. If the “Grant #” starts with “USA-GCX-A” then the grant is considered to be approved. The “CODE” that appears next to the “GCX-A” means that any funds allocated by the USA GX for USA-GCX-A have been moved to the USA-GCX-B grant. However, if the “USA-GCX-A” doesn’t end with “USA-GCX-A” then the grant application doesn’t appear to be legitimate, scampered, government grants available to homeowners, free government grants for small business start up, federal government grants solutions government, i need financial help immediately