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This is just a guide on how to get the highest level of skills per profession while being competitive with the others.

For a detailed overview with details of gear and items needed by your profession, visit this guide!

I tried to be as detailed and complete as possible. But even if some details are unclear you should still be able to use the information found here to make wise decisions about your character’s performance.

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Starting with profession skills Edit

When you first start a new adventure, you must choose your job:

Scout – Warrior

Pillar – Warrior

Guardian – Guardian

Hunter – Hunter

Marauder – Marauder

Cleric – Cleric

Thief – Thief (default)

Mage – Mage

Ranger – Ranger

Pyromancer – Pyromancer

Wizard – Wizard

Priest – Priest

Trickster – Trickster

Ranger – Trickster (default)

Monk – Warrior

Wizard – Wizard

Warrior, Paladin, Monk and Sorcerer may also be assigned the option to start with a profession: Warrior, Paladin, Monk and Wizard for no extra cost.

Skill points Edit

To increase proficiency with an item, you must use a skill point from one of three possible skill categories:

Weapon skills – (1 skill point for every skill in the weapon category of the weapon you are currently wielding)

Archery skill – (4 skill points) or

Archery skill + bow skill – (6 skill points)

If you are a hunter, your weapon (at level 1) automatically adds 4 archery skill points. You will have a skill point bar in your menu and are told which skill category it belongs to when you make a selection on your skill selection screen. If your selection is “Archery”, you must also select the bow skill for the second category of weapon that you are currently wielding.

Skill selection screen Edit

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Each profession starts with five selection screens. These seven screens control which skill category you will be able to select. Your default first choice is “Possession”, but it’s possible to select any category from the default three. Each choice of skill shows only the first three points of proficiency (if any). Selecting the wrong category will cause you to fail at obtaining the appropriate skill points. You may select up to two skill categories to start with

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