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RSA grants are primarily used to help with expenses related to your training needs. We have a complete list of the types of grants we accept from around the world here and here. However, there are some grants you may not be aware of, such as our annual International Student Research Grant (ISRG) – our annual grant to cover your travel from 1 July each year.

The other option is our Community & Student Research Grant. These grants are specifically designed to help your local community gain experience in a study abroad course or internship. This means that you will be paid for the work you’ve helped with. For example, a student project which your council funded could receive funding for two hours of training after you’ve completed your course.

If you are not the same age as the one above, you can still apply to the age limit.

You will have to pay the age limit to enter this event.

The event will be held after the following dates in 2018:

Thursday, 23 September 2018

Thursday, 7 October 2018

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

The ages in these dates are the age limit for the event, but the age may vary for the event depending on each applicant.

Please remember to check age limits in advance if you are planning to attend a specific event.

When the FBI investigated former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden for leaking documents, he had a lawyer, Aaron Williams, who was the first person who took on the government’s legal case. Williams did an astonishing three months of legal work, and even then there were questions of when the FBI was supposed to notify Williams about the court-ordered disclosure.

The result of that process was a series of letters from Williams’s Washington office to the FBI, asking about the disclosures and what should be done. The first letter was sent in late July. The second in early August.

But the FBI had failed to notify Williams until August 6, and he had been busy. He had been out of town, living on an island in the East River. And that was after the FBI initially said it didn’t think he was Edward Snowden’s lawyer.

Well now Williams has written a letter to the FBI saying that he was never Snowden’s lawyer and that was never his intention, but that was also the result of the process, which he describes in a brief (and very helpful) article at Gawker. He writes — and I can quote this —

“I had no way to contact anyone

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