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I don’t know. I like them but they’re not essential, they are the exception, I just need to be aware of your needs in a different way [3:06] > Well, it doesn’t necessarily have to be an individual grant. I think a lot of your work, as has been shown, I think the thing that is very important for a lot of people is they can do it very much on their own [3:07] > There are more and more people doing it; I think that is the other thing I really love about it, is that we are able to look at other peoples work and say, “Okay, what are the things that we can learn from this?” [3:08] > It’s not like I’m trying to do the whole thing with grants. I’m trying to do it in a way that is more accessible [3:09] > There aren’t many grants that can go around, so the grants that exist, they exist as a way to bring together a group of people who may not have been in contact for a long time, maybe they haven’t spoken for a long time, who might have different levels of communication than that in their community, who may not be connected to each other. [3:10] > Okay, so it’s kind of easy to put it on the back burner, right? Let me give you guys a little time, because I think it’s important to be honest with you, because I think it can be very useful to be honest with people about where our priorities are. [3:11] > Okay, so you know we have a few grants, but one that I’m working on right now is really very personal, one that’s just something I’m very invested in. It is the second person that is getting a grant, so if someone had the money, you would call them a friend. [3:12] > I think it is also really important to have the kind of grant that the first person on the list had, which is that the first person will just be a volunteer for as long as it takes to do it, and will be paid for in the end by the person that they grant to. [3:13] > Okay, so that can work, right? So, so you’re trying to change a relationship; I feel like I did really a good job of figuring out that relationship, because I tried to get a hold of who the people would come in with, so I could give

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