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Some of the advantages of grants are discussed below.

Grant proposals

What are the guidelines and procedures for submitting a grant proposals?

All Federal agencies and programs generally require a submission of a proposed research proposal to an individual awardee within two weeks for the first review cycle (including the period of public comment) and six weeks after approval (including the public comment period). The time limit to submit a grant proposal varies by Federal agency.

What are the requirements for submitting a proposal to the NIH?

The NIH accepts and investigates new or expanded proposals from potential grant applicants for the benefit of the public. The application cycle consists of a review of the original submitted proposal in accordance with NIH guidelines, and then a review of the information contained in the proposed proposal to include an evaluation of the potential value of the proposal to the NIH. Reviewers will contact the applicant to discuss their submission.

What information are the reviewers required to make available during the review cycle?

All reviewers are expected to provide a thorough explanation of the proposed research findings, including any supporting data. This is not limited to information from the original proposal, but is also an important source of information for the NIH investigator and the applicant and is discussed extensively during the review process.

How much is the review cost to receive? Should the applicant pay for a review?

The costs of reviewing a proposal, including all of the time required for a review, are the responsibility of the applicant, not the grantee. The NIH will pay an awardee’s reasonable costs associated with reviewing the proposal.

What are the types of grants that are available?

The NIH offers Grants of the Department of the Treasury, the Department of Defense, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, and the National Science Foundation.

Who pays for the review and evaluation of grant proposals?

The NIH is the grantee within the Federal government. The NIH will pay, on a per-protocol basis, all costs associated with the evaluation and decision to accept the proposal.
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Is the NIH required by law to notify the applicant of results of the review and evaluation process?

Under the NIH Grants Policy Statement, an NIH investigator and grantee may not request notice of a specific grant’s evaluation or evaluation of a specific proposal, or of any findings or recommendations that may be related to the proposal.

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