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I mean, this guy comes to your town and gives them money on behalf of people he likes? I can’t imagine someone giving anything to him, not right away.”

“In my opinion, he’s the kind of person who should be in their grave,” O’Brien said.

“He’s a liar and he said a lot of things that weren’t true,” Cottrell said. “I would never give anything to someone who lied on a grant or had any conflict of interest.”

Cottrell asked him why he said that.

Cottrell said that he believed Moore was lying after hearing the news.

“I have a very good relationship with many of these people and even gave him money,” Cottrell said. “I’m sure he’s honest and sincere with them. I never heard his story that he is doing something crooked that led people to think he’s wrong. He always seems very reasonable and he does love these people.”

“We’re at a point that these issues are not going to go away,” O’Brien said.

Cottrell said, however, that he has been hearing rumors for about a year. “It’s never been more relevant or more important,” Cottrell said.

“It’s not up to me to sit here and tell him to go away,” he said. “For the love of God, let him go away.”

When contacted by WHIO on Friday, Moore’s attorney Michael G. Thompson declined repeated requests for an interview, but did release a statement.

“Mr. Moore emphatically denies that his comments were defamatory, and has acknowledged they were based on factual inaccuracies, misapprehensions or mischaracterizations by the author,” Thompson said. “There are several pieces of evidence in the book which suggest otherwise. The facts of these accounts are clear.”

“There’s this idea that it’s all about the money,” Mr. Deutsch said of the controversy over the proposed tax, which would have been paid by a new group that would provide an additional source of revenue for the government.

“It’s a great idea,” the Republican member added, “but it just doesn’t seem like a very big piece of the solution.”

But the Republican-led Congress is deeply divided on the budget. Some Republicans have openly questioned the need for the tax.

“You’ve got to have a budget if you can be serious about revenue,” said Representative

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