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What is a grant? Is that something that should be considered as a part of the discussion about the role of private sector in education, or is that something that can be left up to individual governors to decide?

We look forward to hearing what both you and Governor Cuomo have in mind in the coming months. The Governor has called for a commission, that’s the best way to do this.

But, of course, we have to look at the whole picture, and the whole picture is that New York State is facing the largest investment gap in history. It is our highest priority, and we need to build a whole-of-state policy. We can’t just look at our individual local projects. We also have to look at what it really means to be able to fund education throughout New York and in every state through a whole and whole system of investment and financing.

It was a little disappointing that Governor Cuomo made it seem as if New York State is not committed to making this investment, that somehow we don’t care about education. But that is wrong. The Governor said it, we have to have a whole-of-state approach. And that means focusing on education here in New York with a whole-of-state system of financing for every state, and then looking beyond that, looking at the entire country too.

Now, we want to expand that whole-of-state approach. In fact, that’s the way we did it with the last round of bond spending because every state in the country came together with federal money to make sure that we did our part to improve, to increase investment in those high-need areas. But that part was made up of a variety of different parts. The governor said, look, just do the things that are politically best, but you don’t want to just have a one-size-fits-all approach to it.

We want to find ways to work together and to be able to help each other, to work with the governors of the other 49 states and to find a solution that’s both federal and state-based. And that’s what I think the governor meant when he said that New York State has to stand on its own feet and have to have its own plan for how we should do investment in our schools.

BALDWIN: The governor is getting a lot of attention for speaking up in support of public school funding on the day that his own education secretary has asked the state to look for more money for schools. When

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