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Well, according to the Department of Education, it’s a grant that allows the university to “provide financial assistance to a student-initiated program for students with special needs.”

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So basically, if the students want to take out loans to pay for their degree, they will get an actual grant from the university, and the university is not liable. In the words of the New York Times:

While the funds go toward tuition assistance, the financial aid is contingent on the student’s success and is not a financial gift to the university. So it is not an “automatic” grant from the university — and, by definition, it cannot be used for tuition, room or board. It must be approved by the school’s trustees.


It is not illegal to help people who are struggling financially. The American Bar Association describes a “Grant and Student Loan Program” the Federal government began in 2005. However, the grant can be used to pay for books, supplies, and other expenses, even if you are not enrolled. The bar also notes, “the program is not subject to income limitation.” That means that if a student does not have a significant income, they can use the funds “to cover the cost of attending class.”

The most recent example of using a grant to pay for tuition is the University of Pennsylvania. In August 2010, the school started a $100 million “University Grant” program to help students finance their education and “increase their economic potential.”

While student aid programs are nothing new — many universities have them, as do public universities, as well as many private colleges and universities, with the majority of U.S. universities having them — colleges and universities are starting to get increasingly desperate at the sight of the number of low-income and non-traditional students in their midst. A Harvard study out in 2011 estimated that the cost of maintaining a “high-achieving” student population would be approximately $20 million in 2012 — a higher cost than it will take to send a student to college full time. The problem is that the rising cost of higher education has been used by more and more colleges and universities to reduce costs, but this has not been accompanied by a corresponding change in the number of people receiving these grants. According to the New York Times, that’s because of low student-support rates and the current recession.

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