What is a cost reimbursement grant? – Us Federal Government Grants Department Scam Calls

The purpose of a cost reimbursement grant is to help students pay for books, fees, or other items that might help them pay for their college expenses.

How to apply for a cost reimbursement grant

To apply for a grant to help pay for the costs of your college education, visit the Grants and Scholarships section of myFulfillment.

How to apply for a college financial aid award

To apply for college financial aid, visit Scholarships and Financial Aid and the College Financial Aid Office.

How to apply to become a financial aid coordinator

To become a financial aid coordinator for a college, simply visit the College Financial Aid Office, make an online application, and submit your documentation with your application. In most cases, a student will receive two to four calls when processing their application.

I can’t afford college. What do I do?

Many students with financial need are able to go to other colleges that are less expensive or that offer financial aid grants. Don’t let the financial aid office discourage you, however. It is true that no student should go in debt to earn a high school degree. Instead, they should invest in their own education as much possible.

If you are not eligible for a budget-supporting financial aid grant or scholarship – which means you do not have enough funds to pay for living expenses or books. Or if you just don’t have enough money for a typical college education, the next best help is for you to apply for a federal student loan. The College Board estimates average student loan balances to be $37,000 by the end of the 2010-2011 school year.

For more detailed information about Federal Student Aid, click here.

Do you have any questions about college? What resources are available to support you? Write to us here.

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