What is a grant and how does it work? – Government Grants For Small Businesses In Alberta

A grant is a tax-exempt payment that is given to a charity to help them spend money. In return, the charity receives a percentage of the funds raised by a particular project, or a cut of the revenue, whichever is greater. For example, your local Salvation Army would receive a grant that is equal to 4% of their revenue from alcohol and tobacco (a $16,000 grant).
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Grant amounts can vary from $12,000 to $200,000 and can be given on a quarterly or yearly basis. As a general rule, the more money raised, the more they will receive. However, not everything needs a grant. A project, such as an online petition, can take a lot of funding to make it happen so you might want to give to a different charity that really needs it. For example, if you would like an online petition and the petition doesn’t need funding, you might donate to a non-profit that has it, such as a national animal welfare foundation or an animal sanctuary.

Can I give money away? Generally, you can give your money away as long as it is tax-deductible. But you can give it away at a reduced rate of 15% or 15 %, for example, up to $0.15 per transaction. You would need to give a statement to your accountant to make these adjustments. If the amount given is more than $4,500, you’ll need to include your receipt in your tax return.

To learn more, read Don’t Give Away Your Money.


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