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A service grant is a cash grant made to a non-profit organization that is awarded for one specific project that the organization works on, is the right kind of work that is most effective for you and your community. You can find out more about grants at http://www.myvacation.org/grants.

It is also possible to use this form for a project that is sponsored by or partnered with the state or city or a federal non-profit. In both cases only information used to complete the work grant application is included. Some states and cities require all projects to be eligible for the service grant, others do not. In both cases, the only information included should be the total sum of your project costs plus the amount of your grant.

To apply for a service grant, download, complete and submit with your application a completed form called the Grant and Agreement of Grant and Agreement of Grant. After submitting your application, you will be sent an attachment to the email address on file with the City of Fort Lauderdale. You must receive and accept the award of a grant within 30 days of having received the attachment from us.

The City of Fort Lauderdale uses grant and agreement applications to:

To develop long-term strategies to expand local businesses and create well-paying, rewarding jobs for local workers.

To support other local organizations seeking to bring benefits to their communities.

To facilitate coordination between City agencies and local non-profits.

To develop a strategy to address problems faced by local residents that cannot be addressed without assistance from a non-profit like ours.

For more information, read the grant and agreement of grant page
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