What is a service grant? – Government Grants Available For Seniors

-A service grant is a financial investment made by your charity partner to help you build and strengthen our services. The amount of the grant is set based on the number of volunteers you need to work on a particular project, and will include the following:

• Payment for staff to oversee the running of the project.

• Payment for materials that are donated or that are used to make the project better.

• Compensation for training costs and costs incurred in helping staff to carry out project-related duties.

• Payment for operational costs (ie. electricity, phone bills) to help you operate a project effectively.

• If the project is not successfully completed, this payment is to be returned or returned, to the charity partner, on a lump-sum basis.

The money paid by the charity partner to the charity is called a service grant. To learn more about what is a service grant, take a look at our services funding page

How much should I expect to pay for a service grant?

If you are working on a volunteer-led or project-specific project and want to work in one of our three areas of expertise, then you may need to make payments of $750 per week (or higher to cover costs associated with our activities onsite).

Please note this is a flexible fee based on your volunteering needs and ability as a staff member at the particular project, which will depend on the number of volunteers on site and their experience of running their own projects. However, we do not believe there is an upper limit to the amount you are able to earn as we believe that everyone can give something back to Australian society through volunteering activities.

Note that you must provide some or all of those additional costs to us – either for services or project-related costs which do involve running a project.

If you are a charity Partner you can decide how much of your time is spent fulfilling project-related and staffing costs. Please speak to one of our staff to discuss this with you.

Please remember that all of your volunteer-work will be managed and paid for by the charity. Once payments have been made to your charity partner, it will be your responsibility to pay any outstanding costs to your charity. Please use our PayPay application to make sure your costs are paid to the charity.

What if I have additional services to provide for a project?

There is one type of project within our four areas of expertise – Community outreach projects. We work

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