What is the federal government grant? – Ggf Program

You would be asked to provide a full description and include any information relevant to “the nature, scope, and purpose of your proposed project” .

So, just a couple basic things we need!

First, it would be in your hand, so I’d like to know:

Are the proposed project’s benefits for the local community and its residents for whom this project is being proposed?

Will the project provide more than just economic opportunity, and will it achieve the desired environmental impacts?

Why should this proposal be approved or rejected? I have all the info you need, provided below.

If you do not provide your full project description, we will not be able to properly fund your application.

For more information and applications, please click here for the 2018-2019 application cycle.

(CNN) In September, two Chinese ships docked in the disputed South China Sea for the first time in what is called “routine” exchanges between China and its allies. As tensions over the area escalated, Beijing’s decision was taken to keep its ships on a much less assertive footing.

Yet as a result of what China calls normalization with a few allies, these ships now appear to be engaged in more aggressive military maneuvering and will continue to be visible near the contested waterway.

The first Chinese ship, the Rongjin, has been spotted near an area that has the potential to be one of the most important flashpoints in the region — the South China Sea.

More from CNN: China ‘moved fast and decisively’ in South China Sea

The presence of the Rongjin in the region — near land reclaimed by China for military use — is particularly striking given Chinese president Xi Jinping’s claims of China’s “indisputable sovereignty” over the resource-rich territory, which some in the region say is contested by both countries.

The second ship, the Zhanlian, has been observed near reefs claimed by both countries around where they are stationed, although the location of the islands has been disputed, which may explain the move by the Rongjin into an area of disputed islands.

CNN’s Chris Isidore reported that the ships have been sailing “in the shadow” of two other Chinese patrol ships which patrol the area.

On Wednesday, the first Chinese ship reported patrolling the area, the Liaoning, as well as another Chinese ship which the U.S. Navy identified in a video released by the Pentagon

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