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What are the benefits of a grant? And what can a grant do?

A grant is issued to a nonprofit or state agency or group for a specific purpose. The agency or group is responsible for administering the grant. The government provides the funds, typically in the form of an interest-free loan. This is often called a loan guarantee.

A grant is usually funded by the government, but sometimes nonprofit organizations use it themselves. (Some grants are approved by individual states or districts where the grant is being applied for.)
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How can I find and use a grant?

A grant’s information is on the application package itself, provided voluntarily by the agency or group. The application package may also state how to find it.

How often does a grant get issued?

Each year the federal government issues a set number of grants to state and local agencies and groups, covering a broad spectrum of needs: general purpose; social services; health, education, clean air and water, and environmental justice; and community development. The budget of each fiscal year is typically released in March.

How often do I get to know an agency and its grant application process?

It’s important for organizations to know what state and local agencies have received a grant, as well as how long that grant has been outstanding. (There may also be information on the current status of a grant.) There is an application package available, too.

How much can a grant do?

Most grants provide services that are critical — that’s, important. Many state grantees use grants to cover the costs of administration, to help fund programs for children or to build support for programs for people with disabilities, according to the National Council on Research and Quality in Government. This includes the cost of printing materials, paying for supplies, printing literature, paying people to help in the office, and other routine expenses.

There is also research funded by a grant: a study is done or a report is reviewed to provide data that may be useful to researchers. Some grants are for social services, but in other instances the state has used these funds on programs aimed at children or at issues affecting their families, like health care or education. (More on that below.)

Are there other sources of information about grants?

Some grants are public. For example, the U.S. Department of Agriculture offers lists of federal grants for various projects and activities. A “list of federal awards and contracts” on the Agriculture Department’s

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