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Grants are used to increase research grants and grant design opportunities. Grants provide funds to scientists to undertake research projects. Grant proposals, the basis of funding, are also provided by the US National Science Foundation.

Who uses grants?

Grants are used to:

Income-support research grants to study the health of individuals using a particular type of medication. Grants also give scientists the funding and infrastructure to study and publish new scientific literature. Grants also ensure the quality of the science being done to help create a world-class healthcare system.

Groups that study the impact of disease to determine whether therapies can cure or prevent a disease. Grants also allow scientists to apply for government funding to study diseases that are resistant to current treatment.

Grant-writing, research and publication grants where researchers can apply for and receive funding for work they have previously completed.

How much funding go to each activity?

There is a total of around $9bn (£5.6bn) in research grants in the US every year. As a society we do have spending caps. There are, however, a lot more grants awarded around the world than is considered acceptable.

The money used to finance research is divided up into three categories: federal funding, state funding and private funding. In general, public funding is used to fund research at public universities, state universities and research centres. Private funding is mainly given to scientists in academic institutions who wish to help build their careers.

Who receives federal funding?

There are around 6,000 funded scientific, engineering and medical research centres in the United States, who do the work to solve the world’s most pressing problems. This includes things such as the development of vaccines against pandemics, medical treatments that reduce the likelihood of premature death, and the building of scientific infrastructure.

Why are grant-makers funded as if nothing is done with this money?

Grant funding for scientific work, including funding for basic research, is usually funded by the US government. The money was collected from citizens, tax payers and corporations around the US by the government’s National Institutes of Health (NIH). Grant funding in general can be difficult to assess as the majority of grant proposals are not funded. But there are many grants that are supported, in the main, in part, by private fundraising.

The US has many international programmes of research funding, such as research conducted at public universities.

The funds that researchers receive through grant-making

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