What is the USA funding grant? – Government Grants For School Fees

When you apply for your USA grant you will be asked whether you want to receive direct funding or a non-cash support from the USA on top of your application fee. It’s up to you which way you want to go, and whether you want to apply for grants and scholarships to cover your costs.

To find out if we may be able to help with your USA grant application, see below:

How many scholarships and fellowships will the USA fund?

You can apply for as many scholarships and fellowships as you like, and your funding will be automatically divided up as you would receive in a UK National Scholarship, National Graduate Scholarships, or Postgraduate Research Training Scheme. We will contact you with your status once your funding has been paid through:

The UK National Student Loans Service, where this money will come from

The USA Student Grants Service, where this money will be paid

If we fund the USA grants, are there any restrictions on applying?

We will contact you when you have received your funding and any restrictions can be discussed. Please refer to the Funding Conditions and Conditions of Employment website.

How many USA grants do I need to apply for?

The USA grants are divided up based on how much money you need to be eligible for them, but it’s always best to apply for as much as you can afford.

We have a list of current scholarships that we are able to assist you with or that are part of the United States Student Grant Program, the United States National Scholarship Awards or the College Fellowships. This will be updated regularly as the USA changes its funding, and it includes those that cover travel expenses, tuition reimbursement and other fees.

We will contact you when we have received your funding, and you may be asked to provide additional materials or payment for your application. We will ask you questions in order to assess your qualifications as part of the review process.

In the interim you can check the status of your USA grant. You can find your grant details from the following link:

USA Grant Funding – Status page

What should I keep on to?

We’ll tell you where you need to keep your documents, but it is important to keep your documents up to date as we get them each year.

What is the application form for?

We offer one application form. This should be the first step before you begin to apply. It’s best if you complete this before applying to

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