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Are you a university, or an independent nonprofit, or government, or a private nonprofit or do you get the support of local churches?

HARWOOD: The only kind of grants that are available—and that was what I was most surprised about is the amount of money that goes to a nonprofit rather than just a university or a government. It’s actually not that uncommon for a student. I got an interview this year for a faculty fellowship. I had to raise about $30,000 in order to get this position. I did that. It’s not like a government job. It’s not like a university job. It’s not even like a nonprofit position. And, you know, the average is about three or four percent. I don’t think that’s out of the norm. I don’t think that it’s something that’s unheard of either. It may be a lot lower, but it’s still possible to get grants for a lot of the things that a non-profit person’s job might require.

GOWORKY: You have been researching the role of religion and faith in this country and how we have allowed its influence to become, not very well—a lot of the time, it’s a very poor match to our values.

HARWOOD: Absolutely, and I think that’s something where we can talk about something in a kinder way, rather than in a more divisive way. I’m one of those religious liberals, where I think the values that we claim to hold as our own are good and good for society. But I also think there is this tendency in American religion today—and this goes back to the late 1960s and the early 1970s in many Christian colleges and universities—to, I think, sort of turn religion into a tool instead of to take it as a source of truth and truth. I think that’s something that’s been difficult as a minority religion even though people are trying hard. But when someone else’s values are so radically different from ours, when we’ve created groups that can hold up an entirely different and very good argument for things than the people we profess to love, that’s the time to push back and say that their values are so very, very different than ours.

GOWORKY: How have you tried to navigate these waters and find the religious people who are the best match?

Government Grants Loan to Libertarian-Based Ayn Rand Institute
HARWOOD: I’ve asked that a lot. I’ve got three interviews lined up right now so if you’ll excuse me

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