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If the property is rented at fair market value, it is still your right to a free boiler replacement at a price lower than the rent for the boiler. If you are renting the property while on holiday and your landlord requires a free boiler replacement before your return to the property, he or she can insist on a price below the full value as the landlord will need to cover the costs of furnishing or replacing the boiler before your return.

How much does a free boiler replacement cost?

The price you have to pay for a free boiler replacement depends on:

The value of your property

Where you live

The time of year

Whether you have lived in the property for a certain period of time

Whether there are any other legal arrangements between you and your landlord

Where in any of the above circumstances a boiler is needed

You can find more information on boiler replacement costs here.

Check your boiler replacement costs

When you rent, you are entitled to a boiler replacement, but the only way you can check whether it has been done is by using the heating bill supplied by your heating provider.

If you do not have full control over any of the above, you might need to check the boiler bill of your landlord. This will tell you:



It starts with a few people that lost everything that they hold dear. These stories are not told in a linear fashion; the narrative goes down from personal loss to the discovery that the entire world of mankind in its current state may very well be nothing but a very long dream.

The Dreaming City is a narrative driven narrative game.

The Game

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