Who qualifies for a boiler grant? – Apply For Free Government Grants For College

For a new boiler grant, you must meet the following criteria:

You are the sole owner of a home or building of at least 3,000 square feet with a gross or net rental value greater than $10,000; and

The home or building is occupied solely for the purpose of housing a single person or one household; and

You have not previously received a boiler grant under this program.

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You’re also required to have a boiler permit or license:

Before you may apply for a boiler permit, you must have a boiler permit, or one of the special permit classes, from the town where you live.

A boiler permit:

Provides you with the minimum safety standards (and required safety equipment) of being able to heat and use steam in the house or building you are leasing or purchasing (and to use safe water and heat in your house or building);

Is validated by the town;

Is inspected on an annual renewal basis by the town’s Fire Marshal; and

Is approved by the town.

You must still purchase a boiler permit and register it to keep it safe, since it isn’t valid when it isn’t registered. Once you have a boiler permit and register it, you can begin heating and using your heating device.

How to apply for a new boiler grant

You start this application by contacting the county or municipality and providing the following information and supporting documents:

The name, address, phone number and address of your boiler permitting agency (this information must match the address on your real estate license);

If you’re leasing or purchasing a boiler permit, the title number of the property. If your real estate license includes only the name of the real estate licensing agency, you must also provide the title number of the property to which the boiler permit applies (and a phone number and email address to verify this information);

The date the application is approved or denied.

If you need further information, call 714-893-2955 or email to websupport@michigan.org. The telephone number or email address has to match the address on your real estate license.

If you’re not sure what type of boiler permit you meet with the criteria, you can ask your real estate license agent to give you a certificate of eligibility or the following application instructions.

The boiler permit application fee is $10.00 or the amount needed to get a certificate of eligibility for the applicant

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