Who qualifies for a boiler grant? – Government Grants For Individuals Debtor Definition

You must have been living, on average, in the same dwelling as the applicant for at least one year and have had no absences of the type described in Section 60, 10, 12 or 14 (d) of this code for the last three calendar years.

Must your boiler grant apply to all boiler owners (including all owner-occupied dwelling units)? Yes, the boiler grant will apply to all new or newly constructed boiler owners (excluding the owner-occupied building with the smallest heating system and all occupied dwelling units) and the holder for any dwelling unit not otherwise excluded, provided that no more than 30% of the boiler grant can be applied to such owner-occupied dwelling units.

Do I have to maintain boilers? Yes, you may have to maintain boilers and heating equipment if a boiler is under repair, replacement, or expansion. If your boiler is repaired, your boiler grant must be based on the amount of the repair costs. If your boiler has been replaced, your boiler grant must be based on the amount of the replacement costs.

Why do I have to pay heating costs for my owner-occupied dwelling unit? Section 70, Subsection 5, of the Health and Safety Code gives the city authority to determine the amount of such costs to be paid. This amount is set aside in the Community Energy Fund to be used for purposes of furnishing heat for the City. If you choose to use the Community Energy Fund with this boiler grant grant , you must include your Community Energy Fund contribution in your application.

Can I still enter a boiler grant grant for my owner-occupied dwelling unit if I no longer own my dwelling unit? Yes, your eligibility for a boiler grant grant can be continued, but you must obtain permission from the City prior to the grant being continued. A copy of the completed application must also be provided to the city clerk and an approval of your application must be secured by November 1st, two months before the beginning of the heating year.

Am I entitled to a heat energy certificate (HEVC) for my owner-occupied dwelling unit? No. You must obtain permission from the city prior to the grant being continued in order to obtain a permit to install heating equipment or heat in your dwelling unit.

What is a HEVC permit or licence? A HEVC permit is an order that the City makes that establishes how the City allows and authorizes heat energy service. It is an order in the nature of a license that allows the licensed operator of a heating service to meet

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