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Small business is defined as an entity that produces and markets products or services to the public or private sector, is owned by or has been controlled by fewer than 50 “persons” who are related by blood, marriage, or adoption, and does not hold itself out to the public as a business employing 500 or more employees. Small businesses have an overall number of employees equal to or greater than 50% of their total sales. You must also qualify as a small business as an employer if you are providing “material support” to the activities of a small business. Your “material support” can be services, goods, land, or property. You may be a part owner, a partner, or a subsidiary in a small business. However, a business cannot qualify as a small business if it has: no workers who produce tangible personal property,

no more than 50 employees, and

100% ownership of its own shares or voting stock. A small business can be “small” by itself.

Can a government body grant Small Business Development Grants?
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Small business development grants can be made by the government, if your project is in line with federal policy goals that can help small businesses. Learn more about the funding opportunities available by the Small Business Administration or the Small Business Administration Council, both of which may be able to support your project.

Is Small Business Development a Tax Deduction?

Yes. Small business development grants are not tax deductions. The Small Business Administration will not refund any part of that cost. A Small Business Administration grant is treated as a grant from the government and you pay taxes on that grant. Your employer may also withhold income taxes on those grants based on your federal tax status.

What types of Small Business Development Grants are available?

There are two types of Small Business Development Grants:

Direct and Indirect. An indirect Small Business Development Grant may cover project activities in connection with developing or acquiring real property for business use. An indirect Small Business Development Grant may also cover construction planning or design services, or building management and maintenance, for projects involving the production or sale of tangible personal property, such as real property.

On-the-Job training. Many businesses also will use Small Business Development Grants to help fund training by providing training in skills relevant to success. Some example situations include training an employee in the use of computer programs and computer software, training an employee in how to perform complex engineering or manufacturing work, or training an employee to do construction, landscaping,

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