Who qualifies for small business grants? – Government Grants For Home Improvements For Senior Citizens

Any small business with an annual business income of less than $2 million.

Is my property eligible for Small Business Grants?

Your income is limited by the amount of small business grants permitted for your property. It is important to keep in mind that a property does not have to be within the county limits to qualify. You may, for example, use your home in your business for at least 10 hours per week, or $20,000 per year. The amount determined for your property is determined by county and will vary based on the number of employees you wish to employ, the size of your business, and other factors.

How do I apply for the grant?

You can either make a paper application or sign and date a waiver form. Applications must be filed online by October 6 and must be received by the end of April. To learn more about the grant application process, please see the guide below.

Are there any federal requirements to receive Small Business Grants?

If you are applying for the Small Business grant, the U.S. Department of Treasury will issue an application to be sent to your employer. This application is important because the Small Business Administration does not have the authority to grant grants.

The Office of Small Business and Entrepreneurship works with the Small Business Administration to determine grant eligibility.

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Can I receive a grant if I am on public assistance?

Yes. To be eligible for Small Business Grants you must not have received public assistance within the past three years.

Small Business Administration staff and Small Business Council staff determine eligibility for all grants through a review process which involves an overall review of the business to determine whether it has an adequate risk management program, the proper personnel to manage the business, and appropriate business procedures that include adequate planning, coordination and oversight.

Once you and your employer have agreed on the risk management program, the Small Business Administration will work with the local entity to develop and maintain the process for small investments to benefit small business and the community with respect to financial planning, insurance options, insurance claims, and compliance procedures.

What is included in the fee for Small Business Grants?

The fee to be paid by organizations to apply for Small Business Grants is $25.00. Payment of the fee is nonrefundable with respect to payments on or after October 6, 2017 and to be made by certified mail, return receipt requested. This fee is payable to the Small Business Administration before Small Business Grant applications are issued.

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