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In the 1920s, racing horses were often used as a kind of entertainment on public roads.

However, this wasn’t the original purpose. The racehorse was originally a way for the owners to show off their skills on public roads.

The act of racing made for exciting television. But that had an effect on the welfare of the horses.

In many cases, they were left to die on the road. And those that survived were often severely injured.

Why are horses considered ‘motorized’?

If your horse looks happy, you probably think he’s all right to ride around the track. You might not have realised that your horse is actually not quite as well-balanced as you might hope.
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A horse that can run on its hind legs is still considered a horse in its basic form. If you look at the size of the horse’s neck, leg and hooves, these would all be considered motorised.

Syracuse, N.Y. — A local nonprofit is partnering with the United States Marine Corps to train local children to be veterans.

The Corps says the program will train at least 100 children to be Marines. The program will start Thursday. The training program is in partnership with Syracuse Boys and Girls Club.

The boys will be assigned to the Marine Corps Band and the girls will join the Corps’ Infantry Regiment.

The program is expected to start in two weeks.

For those that didn’t know, there was a report last week from ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick that the Boston Celtics have interest in free agent point guard Rajon Rondo. The Celtics aren’t believed to be interested in trading for Rondo, however, he is expected to hit unrestricted free agency in February.

In March, Google unveiled the first Pixel smartphone, the Pixel C. But the Pixel isn’t just a phone — it’s a Chromebook. In fact, there are three Pixel Cs. All five models have been sold out since the last one disappeared from store shelves back in the summer of 2016.

However, according to a Reddit thread by redditor K0sL0r, it’s possible that we may not have all five models.

The Pixel C may have only had five models shipped before it dropped off the shelves — the original Pixel (with only one 16GB model), the Pixel for Pixel (with only one 64GB model), the Pixel C+ (with two 32GB models), and the Pixel 2

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