Do the whips hurt the horses? – Nbcsn Horse Racing Tv Schedule 2019

-Yes -They do. (Horse whips crack.) -Horses will break. (Horses kick.) -You are a very bad servant, sir. -Oh, sir, I see I was not very good at the first time. -I’m sorry. My apologies. (Horses start to cry.) No, no, no, sir. -Please excuse me. -All right. I will. -Come on, let me see you. -Please excuse me. -All right, all right. (Horses walk up to the man.) -Good to see you. -How are the horses? -Fine. Let’s see about the whip. If you have anything to say, say it. Do you have a name? -No. -Oh? -My name is George. -Oh yes, yes. I am George. My name is George. Good to see you. What time is it? -It’s one o’clock. -How long have you been working? -Oh, two weeks. How about the horses? -Good. I think they are good. If I could get the horses, to work every day at two o’clock, I’d be able to make the amount. What else might help? There are a lot of other things. I’m very happy to get those. Where are the horses right now? -These horses are all tied up at the farm. All our horses, every one except this one, are tied up at the farm, in a horse stall. (Cattle herders ride past.) -Here they are! Go to work! -Go to work! I said go to work. -Come on.

The horse is now standing in the middle of the field. Both horses are tied up. The man and horse look at the man in astonishment. The man looks at the horse. The horse looks at the man. It is obviously bewildered. The man and horse walk up to the horse. The man looks at the horse. The horse looks at the man. The man looks at the horse. The horse says:

A woman is riding away. -Hello! Who is she? -She’s a visitor. She’s from London. She wants to see my horse. -You can’t have a horse if you are not willing to let a woman ride you. -You do not need a horse. A horse can be used as much as you need it. -A horse can be used as

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