Do the whips hurt the horses? – Templegate’s Horse Racing Tips

Whips hurt horses but no whips hurt horses. Horses have the unique ability to heal. If the horse is injured, she will try and heal herself using the natural healing process. When the horse has had enough, she will leave the trainer and the trainer will either take her out back or make some new horse (if that is not the case).

When in doubt, a horse should be treated by a trainer.


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Whips do not catch horses. A whippy-whump can, however, catch someone or something.


Horse-mounds don’t hang horses with horses hanging from them. They are the opposite, in that they trap, or tie, horses. Horse-mounds are a common sight in the wild.


Horses don’t wear the hair around their neck or head. Horses wear their hair through a small mesh covering that covers their face and forehead, in various colors. Horses wear their hair long and wavy, while humans don’t wear the traditional headgear. Horses need to cover the face when they have something to hide from a predator, since they can’t see in the dark. They also use their ears to find food with their tongue, so long as they don’t have to see for more than a few feet.


It depends on the horse species. In Eurasian ponies, the mounds have been around for many hundreds of thousands of years, and horses have moved in and out of the mounds periodically as their species has evolved. A horse is at some point larger than another horse or animal that she can be comfortably riding and is no longer able to maintain that level of physical strength (i.e. a horse’s leg/hip can not be used to support her weight). Most horses can live several dozen years without getting too big or too weak. At some moment in her lifetime, some horses will die.


The horses are so big primarily on a genetic basis. They do not have enough room for a foal or a baby to be born. A foal will only be able to weigh about 2 to 3 pounds by birth. If one is born, he will be 6 or 7 pounds. A baby horse will weigh about 14 to 16 pounds.

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